May 26, 2013

Artist Admiration: Peter Sacks

Peter Sacks, Farewell to an Idea (Prague), 2011, 47" x 47" 
Peter Sacks, Six by Six (Checkpoint 2) 2010-2012,  72" x 72"
Peter Sacks, Migration 31, 2011-2-12, 36" x 36"
Peter Sacks,  Migration 33, 2010-2012, 39" x 39"
Peter Sacks,  Migration 4

I am fascinated by these large format paintings by South African painter/poet Peter Sacks. Sacks started to paint only ten years ago, after a 14-year long career as a poet. The seasawing interplay of text and form create a visual experience that steps away from the contemporary disposition for graphic simplicity, and suggests history and cultural richness.

 I love reading his poems and diving into his paintings simultaneously. The two mediums share a layering and poignant weight. It is amazing to experience Sack's brilliant vision illuminated through two artistic mediums. Thank you to the dear Richters for sharing his work with me.

Night Ferry 
by Peter Sacks

Blood-drop, lung of fire setting past
the sea bell and wave; why am I separate
from that giant burrowing into further life?

The body breathes and rides
a heavy-netted ocean swollen
by the tide. Under the half-moon

it’s the lighthouse light that turns
the rest of me to early nightfall,
headland, home. I send it back,

a mirrored flickering across cold waters.
We allow ourselves the crest that breaks
above the surface then re-forms.

We make it human and we call it love.
This wintering is my own and not the world’s,

Featured in Instyle Magazine, Poland