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new painting from my Berlin studio


Studio Soundtrack

GoGo Penguin: This music changed the direction of my work in Berlin. I have been listening to it nearly non-stop since learning about it mid-October. It's elevating, penetrating, intense yet wistful, and absolutely brilliant.  A blend of "modern jazz, acoustic electronica, and classical music." In awe...

Artist Admiration: Hilma af Klint

Painting the unseen...

The pioneer of abstraction

"Visionary painting"

"Energy is eternal delight." -William Blake

"Hilma af Klint assumed that there was a spiritual dimension to life and aimed at visualizing contexts beyond what the eye can see. When painting, she believed that she was in contact with a higher consciousness that spoke and conveyed messages through her. Like many of her contemporaries, she was influenced by spiritual movements, especially spiritualism, theosophy and later anthroposophy. Through her paintings, she sought to understand and communicate the various dimensions of human existence."

"Hilma af Klint’s imagery is full of symbols, letters and words. Symbols are like doors into another dimension. For Hilma af Klint, her entire work was about conveying the messages she received, and to shed light on the great existential issues.

It would be pointless to translate the symbols and letters in Hilma af Klint’s works into definite, una…

Soul Sea: First Paintings of 2017

Anchor words that came up during the process of painting these pieces were: Soul Sea, Terra Santa, Creating Space, Lines of Energy...

Beijing Large Scale Private Commission

Here are some images from a four-panel commission I recently completed for a collector in Beijing, China. Each painting is 40" x 48", so in total, the commission measures over 13 feet. 

Sammlung Boros Kunstbunker

Experienced a radically mind-opening art experience at the Sammlung Boros Kunstbunker today in Berlin. Three truths about the power of art became increasingly clear as we walked through the bunker rooms with our guide: 1) Art elevates and challenges how we perceive reality. It poses questions to the viewer that necessitate contemplation and interaction. By nature of response, the viewer is transformed.

 2) The space in which it's housed influences the art and vice versa. The Boros Collection is housed in a 1940s former war bunker. This building went through many transformations- Red Army war prison, textile warehouse, fruit warehouse during dire communist times, and a techno/sex club in the 90s before it became the unique gallery space it is today.

 3) Art is meant to be shared. Christian Boros bought the space in 2003 to house his growing contemporary collection. As a result, we are all able to experience his important and  dynamic collection of thought-provoking contemporary wo…